Plus the HFSC crypto hearing and cryptoasset donations to HODLpac
Here is who we're donating to for the 2020 cycle.
HODLpac Newsletter - February 2021, Part 2
HODLpac updates, the last few weeks in crypto policy, and what to expect in 2022.
Plus our new website with HODLscore is live!
Our first donation matching round and initial endorsements
The power of open source protocols, decentralized finance, and bridging the gap between the crypto and policy communities.
FATF Guidance, SEC vs CFTC, and the President's Working Group on Financial Markets' Stablecoin Report
Also: HODLpac's Twitter Space TONIGHT with Aarika Rhodes, new legislation to fix the infrastructure bill, and crypto-related Congressional hearings this…
Our HODLscore project, Bitcoin (Futures) ETFs start trading, Novi's pilot program, CoinDesk's Policy Week, and more.
Re-launching HODLpac's newsletter, a recap of the last few months in crypto-related policy, the case for HODLpac, and more.
HODLpac Newsletter - December 2020, Pt. 2